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My Three Pillars of Wellness

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise 
  • Mindfulness is my foundation.

Benefits of Personalized or Group program Include:

  • Work to achieve and maintain your personal balanced weight
  • Release stress and focus better
  • Increase your energy level

Aromatherapy to enhance your Yoga experience and practice.

Essential oils affect us both quickly and deeply and have a long history of working together to strengthen our physical connection.

There are smell receptors in all organs making Essential oils a powerful allay in promoting our overall health and in changing habits and patterns we have outgrown.

By focusing on our breath and with the added anchor of pure Essential oils to our yoga practice we create a strong tool to promote relaxation and balance, connecting us to our inner knowing.

Let’s Create A Personalized Wellness Plan For You

  1. Wellness Coaching with Pure Essential Oils
  2. Individual Yoga
  3. How to combine Health and Wealth


Why add Yoga & Wellness in the work environment?

Reduce work loss due to stress and illness by providing employees with healthy ways to combat/deal with stress in the work place. Plus the advantage of offering a valued “perk” with the incentive to be active, healthy, and feeling good.
We offer many different Yoga classes and wellness topics on site or remote/on line. We believe that the key asset to every company is their employees. Offering yoga and wellness education is a cost effective and cutting edge opportunity for your company to increase performance by creating healthier, happier and more productive employees while reducing healthcare costs.
According to the American journal of Health promotions recent study a more then 25% average reduction in health care costs could be established after implementation of a well designed program.

corporate yoga

Other Employee Benefits Include:

  • Improved focus
  • Increased energy and alertness during decision making
  • Enhanced customer service/interaction
  • Relaxed and calm reaction in times of stress
  • Reduction in company turnover and sick leave
  • Happier staff
  • Promotes better employee cooperation.

A budget friendly investment delivering high yielding results.

For every $1 invested in wellness programs companies received a $3 – $6 savings according to American journal of health promotion.

Yoga as a wellness program:

  • 26.1% reduction in medical costs
  • 28.3% reduction in sick leave
  • 30% reduction in medical claims/workers’ comp claims

We offer the following Corporate Programs:

  1. Chair Yoga, 30 minutes Yoga class
  2. Reboot Yoga, 60 minute Yoga class
  3. Yoga & Wellness remote:
  4. Wellness  Customized Modules
  5. Corporate and group retreats:
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I would like to invite you to join me on the journey to establish health and balance in your life using yoga as one important ingredient.

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