My Three Pillars of Wellness

Nutrition, Exercise, and Mindfulness is my foundation.

We are the result of what we eat, what we think and most importantly what we absorb. What we take in is what nourishes all of ourselves. The Three Pillars of Wellness empowers you to become aware of your individual needs and what keeps your body running optimally, while looking at all aspects of life.

Creating Movement in a fun and energizing way, observing what we put in our mouths and monitoring what we let in our mind is what the Pillars of Wellness is all about and what leads you to your best self.

“Pure Essential Oils can be a gateway between the mind and the body, an entry point designed to create a balance and healthy life based on your individual needs”. Agneta Sundberg

3 pillars rev1

Pure Essential Oils are powerful ways to integrate my Three Pillars of Wellness. Nutrition, Exercise and Mindfulness when combined they make your journey the optimal personal experience”