Why add Yoga & Wellness in the work environment?

  • Reduce work loss due to stress and illness by providing employees with healthy ways to combat/deal with stress in the work place. Plus the advantage of offering a valued “perk” with the incentive to be active, healthy, and feeling good.
  • Mindfulness is an antidote to burnout, which often leads to companies losing their most talented employees. Marie Asberg, professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden describes burnout as an “exhaustion funnel,” which we slip down as we give up things not conventionally deemed ” important.”
  • We offer many different Yoga classes and wellness topics on site or remote/on line. We believe that the key asset to every company is their employees. Offering yoga and wellness education is a cost effective and cutting edge opportunity for your company to increase performance by creating healthier, happier and more productive employees while reducing healthcare costs.


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Other Employee Benefits Include:

  • Improved focus
  • Increased energy and alertness during decision making
  • Enhanced customer service/interaction
  • Relaxed and calm reaction in times of stress
  • Reduction in company turnover and sick leave
  • Happier staff
  • Promotes better employee cooperation.

A budget friendly investment delivering high yielding results.

For every $1 invested in wellness programs companies received a $3 to $6 savings according to American journal of health promotion.

Yoga as a wellness program:

  • 26.1% reduction in medical costs
  • 28.3% reduction in sick leave
  • 30% reduction in medical claims/workers’ comp claims
  • Reduce the cost of employee turnover by 46%

We offer the following Corporate Programs:

This is a 30 minutes Yoga class
Yoga and stretches at the office staying close to your chair. We focus on stress release, relaxation, increased circulation and energy.  We use movements every one can participate in while staying in their work clothes.

This is a 60 minute Yoga class
“Tailored to fit” your company/office in your dedicated space (at the office) we focus on more active movements and adaptations to fit “EveryBody” using postures linked with breath to energize.Participants change to comfortable clothes, no shoes needed. We end with a deep and nurturing relaxation time.

This is an easy comfortable way for your employees to in the comfort of their own space at the office participate in a yoga sessions.  A yoga break is great productive time investments to de-stress, energize, unwind, stretch and strengthen tired muscles. To be able to return to work after a session with more focus and renewed energy.

  • Yoga and Movement
  • Meditation and relaxation
  • Schedule a time for “Life and Wellness topics”, 15 minutes of thought provoking health talks/lectures/information ending with action steps.
Interactive lectures/talks about health and well being such as how to;

  • Reduce cravings
  • Increase energy
  • Better sleep
  • Start the day for success
  • The sugar blues
“Power up restore, relax and renew” Add power to the three R:s and you have the key ingredients in your custom designed wellness day as a bonus and treat for your key performer employees. We focus on team building, have fun with yoga and learn effective ways to increase energy and use tools to help concentration. Deep nurturing relaxation is a key benefit of a day spent together.

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